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Welcome to the Heetory BLOG. My name is Heetory, and I mainly deliver information articles here.

Communicating information is my real passion and concern, and I organize the content to make it useful and quick to understand it. Foreign Company Category deals with prospects, history, and CEO for foreign companies, and strives to provide more useful information. The ETC category will cover information about everyday life and will also talk about the latest trends and key issues.

We also want to form an active community that communicates and exchanges information through interactions with readers, questions and answers, and discussions.

Furthermore, Heetory BLOG hopes to be a place to inspire readers, share knowledge, and promote growth. Your opinions and questions are always welcome, and we ask you to join us in exploring and developing the subject.

Thank you.

Foreign Company 

It deals with information about foreign companies.


It covers information on a wide range of topics.